I came home tonight after having dinner with a friend to find two police cars in front of my building. There were two police officers in the lobby observing a resident moving his stuff out onto the street. Actually, one of the cops was this attractive female with great hair but that’s besides the point. So anyways, the dude who was moving is someone who I’ve seen before. He’s always got a fake tan no matter what time of year it is. He also has one of those tattoos around one of his arms, you know the ones that people get to feel unique, just like everyone else? He’s got this borderline douchebag look. In fact, he actually appeared in the Vancouver section of One time I saw him buying drugs from some other dude at the Skytrain station.

To be fair, he’s never really done anything negative to me. In fact, he held the elevator door open for me once. As I got to the lobby, he was basically done his move. I went up to the security guy and asked him what was up with the dude. He told me he wasn’t exactly sure but apparently there was an incident on the weekend. Whatever it was, it was enough to get the landlord and the police involved to him kicked out in less than a week. In my opinion, that’s pretty awesome that we can kick troublemakers out of my building quickly.

Last but not least, he seemed to have a pretty nice TV. Toshiba guts.

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