We here are always on the lookout for consumer products that might be of interest to you, my loyal readers. I have found a product that might fit into that category.

Reebok has introduced a shoe for women called the “EasyTone”. It’s apparently more than just an athletic shoe for women. Apparently, there’s some neat tech in the shoe that purposely introduces instability while stepping. The instability shouldn’t be enough to cause women to fall over but it’s enough so that one needs to compensate slightly. According to Reebok, it’s this slight compensation that works the muscles in the legs and butt more than a normal shoe would. Thus, the EasyTone tones muscles while simply walking.

I don’t know if the shoe actually does what Reebok says it does but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless. I encourage you to watch the commercial above. If you like that, then I strongly suggest you visit the EasyTone web site.

One thought on “REEBOK EASYTONE”

  1. I thought in this day and age, this would be offensive to women? I’m a guy, I like bums… Maybe they are aiming this at guys buying shoes for their ladies? Maybe ladies like shots of girls butts in their commercials… I swear those shorts in the website montage showed off WAY more skin than they did in the 30 second commercial… Thanks for the post, very very nice!

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