So I am back home from gum surgery. I’ll be honest and mention that I’ve had a few gin and tonics in the last several hours. You might be wondering who goes drinking after having gum surgery. Let me explain. The skate dev team decided this afternoon was a good time to celebrate a super-late St. Paddy’s Day or Skate Paddy’s Day if you will. The pub was just a few blocks from my periodontist’s office and it just happened that the shindig was starting right after my surgery. The drinks were also free! There was also free food! There were prizes too!

To make a long story short, I drank a bit and used my ice-chilled glass against my cheek. I also ate a bit of bite-sized calamari. I even won a baseball cap in a prize draw. I am now home and in no pain. I am currently on 600mg of ibuprofen every five hours. There is barely any swelling though I’ll expect that to change tomorrow. Beside some slight tiredness, I am doing fine. In my experience though, it isn’t today that I start feeling effects of surgery, it will be tomorrow when I start to get my ass kicked.

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