So my gum surgery was done almost a week ago now and recovery is going well I suppose. There isn’t any pain at all. There’s been very little residual bleeding. The only bad part is trying to keep all my food on the left side of my mouth.

The recovery is very much aided by the fact that there’s a large dressing over the surgical area. It’s a light coloured putty-like substance that’s been pressed around the gums. It’s been keeping the delicate area from being exposed to food and other things.

I’ve been instructed by the specialist to remove the dressing tomorrow if it hasn’t fallen off already (it’s still there). The last time I had this surgery, the dressing just fell of by itself. I’m kinda hesitant to rip it off myself. I hope I don’t rip out the stitches with it. I’m also a bit leery to see what’s underneath all that. What if I look like a monster now?

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