As some of you know, I maintain a simple visitor log for this web site. The tracking service I use recently upgraded the level of information they provide to me. In particular, they have now started to provide domain resolution from IP addresses, meaning that IP address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX resolves to something a little bit more meaningful.

In the image above, I’ve chosen a select few to show you what I can see. The first entry isn’t a surprise, that’s probably Cam at UFG, one of this blog’s most loyal readers. If this web site ever went public with an IPO, I’d probably have to give a million shares just out of principle. It’s a shame this site will never reach that stage.

The second entry is quite interesting. Greedy Productions is actually the company that produces the local TV show The Electric Playground. That show is about video games and stars Victor Lucas, whom some of you might have seen on TV if you’re a gamer. I could let my imagination run wild and think that Lucas himself stumbled onto my blog and read it once before deciding to take a nap. Should I dare to dream? In all likelihood, it was probably someone on his staff.

The third entry is interesting because it comes from Sweden. If you see the referrer line, this person came to my web site because they explicitly typed my full name into Google. Were they actually looking for me and not some other E-dawg? Who do I know in Sweden? Some people whom I work with and know at EA were recently in Stockholm to visit DICE. Maybe it was them? I think they’ve been back for several weeks now though so the timing isn’t right. Maybe someone at DICE knows me? That would be super cool because I have much respect for the people working there.

As always, don’t be alarmed that I have these visitor logs, every single web site on the Internet does the same thing. In fact, other sites know a lot more about your surfing habits than I do.

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