As I type this, I’m sitting at my desk which is currently crammed in between my two closets in my bedroom. The builders of my apartment building sent in contractors today to start repairs as part of their obligations to the new home warranty.

While the builders have to fix certain items, you can understand they don’t want to do anything more than the bare minimum that’s required. They already said they wouldn’t fix a small section of my flooring that’s uneven and they don’t care about my blinds not blocking out all the light. What they do seem to care about are problems with my drywall which manifested itself as either cracks or uneven lines where the joints are located.

I had move a lot of furniture so that the contractors could get their work done. The living room had the most items to move, including my couch, coffee table, lamps, speakers, side table, and various pieces of plastic musical instruments. In my bedroom, I had to move my desk, my computer and all the wires that come with it.

Drywall repairs are never a small job, no matter how small the problem appears to be. I have nine individual drywall areas that they started repairs on. They’ll be back tomorrow and then again on Friday. To top if off, they won’t paint the walls when they’re done. Apparently, the “industry standard” is to just leave warranty repairs in a “paint ready” condition, which is just another way of saying, “you gotta paint it yourself”. It’s good to know Degelder construction is ok with providing just the bare minimum level of service in the construction industry. After all, going above and beyond what’s required might actually distinguish themselves from the rest of the builders in the city but they wouldn’t want that to happen. I bet this is just a ploy to make people think twice about wanting repairs.

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