In many previous posts, I mentioned my quest to go the entire winter without turning on my heat. It appears I’ll be most likely be able to reach that goal.

I’ve been lucky for a few reasons. First, though the temperatures were below freezing for a stretch in December (where my resolve wavered a bit), it’s been quite balmy here in Vancouver for the last two weeks or so. The temperature has been hovering around 11 degrees Celsius. It’s so warm that I’ve put away my winter coat for several weeks now and I’m hoping it can stay where it is.

Second, through means that I’m still unsure of, the hallway outside my apartment is heated somehow. Through pure luck, a vent located opposite my entry door circulates air throughout the hallway. It actually blows air into my apartment through a small gap underneath my door. It’s a small amount but technically my apartment is partially heated via that air flow.

For my next trick, I’m going to see how long I can without bathing to save water.

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