If you follow American entertainment news you might have read or heard about the rumours coming from NBC late today. The rumour (and I sure hope it stays just a rumour) is that Jay Leno has arranged to abandon his 10pm talk show and has got NBC to issue Conan O’Brien an ultimatum: either do The Tonight Show at midnight or take a hike.

If there’s any truth to this rumour it would easily be the most ridiculous thing to have happened in American television for years to come. If this all goes down the way people are saying it will, I put all the blame on Jay Leno. His 10pm show was doing very poorly in the ratings and NBC was put in a difficult position. Instead of retiring though and heading off to enjoy his life in a classy and graceful manner, he’s pulling this absolute BS. How could he ever face Conan again and not feel some intense shame? Leno agreed to give up The Tonight Show in 2004. Sometimes you just have to live with a decision that you make.

I make it no secret I’ve never been a big fan of Leno. I’ve always been a huge Letterman and Conan fan. Leno screwed Letterman out of The Tonight Show in 1992 and now he does this. This does nothing to change my mind about Leno. I wonder what the legendary Johnny Carson would think of the situation if he were alive today. Actually, if you read a post I wrote about five years ago, you can probably guess.

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