Another product of attending last evening’s strata council shindig was that I found out how to get a copy of my apartment’s home warranty. In a bit of an oversight that I take full responsibility for, I did not get a copy of the warranty when I bought my place. Since my apartment is new, I have one year to get a list of deficiencies reported to the insurance company and the builder. Not having a copy of the warranty, I wasn’t really sure when my one year was up.

Talking to the strata council president, I found out who to call to get this info. This morning, I made the call. It turns out my one year date is next Tuesday. I was lucky. I cut it real close. This also tells me the previous owner, who never moved in, took possession one year ago on Tuesday.

I now have to spend the next few days going over my apartment to make up a list of deficiencies so I can send it out on Monday. Luckily, I don’t think I’ll have anything major to report. My fear is that I’ll overlook something major because I don’t know any better right now. I guess it’s time to do some research on the Internet now.

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