So we have this contest at work. The details involve who can have the best holiday-themed decorated work space amongst the team. Apparently there will be judging and prizes. It all gets decided on December 17.

I’m thinking about making a real run at the grand prize (yet to be announced). You know how they have these specialty Christmas decoration stores that pop up around this time of year? Yeah, I’m thinking about going to one of those and just buying lots of big, loud, and flashy decorations. I’m envisioning many strands of blinking lights, animated Santas and elves, tinsel, coloured foil, lit up candy canes, and much more. As you can tell, I’m going for gaudy rather than refined and tasteful. There’s a chance this will all backfire on me and I’ll lose out to someone who decorates their area with a few simple but classic and classy set pieces. I’m willing to take that chance though.

My secret weapon though will be nearly unstoppable. I am thinking about renting a department store Santa for one hour on the day of judging. Who ever this jolly actor maybe, I would procure his services for exactly one hour where he would pose for photographs with people on my team at my desk. After getting their photo taken with Santa, people would receive a candy cane courtesy of me. I’d love to have sexy elf assistants help with the process but I believe that would be too much.

The one thing that would make this hilarious is if I decided to spend all this money and effort and the grand prize turns out to be a $10 gift card to Starbucks.

One thought on “THE CONTEST”

  1. My favourite Christmas decoration is my 12 inch tall Homer Simpson that is dressed as Santa and dances and sings Christmas Carols when you push a button. If you want gaudy my friend this is it! My fiance has told me she likes it too, as long as I display it at work and she never has to see or hear it.

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