If things went as I expected it to, my very first letter to my building’s strata council was addressed this evening in this month’s strata council meeting. As a relatively new homeowner, I’m still quite new to a lot of procedures and issues regarding owning a small bit of real estate.

In my letter, I mainly asked for clarification on two potential changes I am thinking about making to my apartment. The first entails replacing the blinds that were originally installed in my windows. These horizontal blinds are fairly cheap in quality and to top it off, they weren’t installed very well. As such, they let in a lot of ambient light. I am thinking of replacing those blinds, ideally with vertical ones. I have been told doing so might require permission from the strata council. I guess I’ll find out.

My second change involves getting rid of or at least altering that damn fireplace that I have to keep my TV on top of. I was at a house this weekend where they had a TV stand on the floor in their living room. Even though their TV was smaller than mine, it was just so much more enjoyable to watch it without having to crane my neck upwards. I wonder what strata will say about that change.

Since I’ve never done this before, I don’t how and when they’ll get back to me. I left my e-mail address in my letter but I’m not sure if they officially respond in that manner. The most likely scenario is that the property management company will draft up a letter and mail it to me.

I’ll follow up with a post once I get a response.

2 thoughts on “LETTER TO COUNCIL”

  1. Is a Strata Council anything like a Jedi Council? If so I wonder about its effectiveness… All it would take is for one person to fall to the Dark Side and then you never get rid of that fire place.

  2. hi there:

    Your bylaws should clarify your inquiries about the window dressings.
    Generally bylaws only stipulate the coverings must be neutral from the street and not specifically what kind of window treatments you choose.

    Regarding alterations to your fireplace the same criteria exists.As long as you remember plumbing and electrical and exhaust systems between the walls are more than likely common property you should be able to make aesthetic changes.

    Putting your requests in writing to Council is the correct way of doing things because your Council knows the bylaws and will make decisions based upon those bylaws.

    Hopefully you get a quick response.


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