So some dude came over to my apartment this morning to fix my bathroom ceiling. For the most part, he did an excellent job. He was very thoughtful and professional, putting down plastic so that dust, particles, and paint wouldn’t get anywhere it shouldn’t in my bathroom.

The whole operation took about five hours to complete. Initially he said it might be a two-day job but he changed his assessment after the first hour or so. Before he left, it looked flawless but then as the paint dried, I saw two slight flaws.

In the picture above, you can probably see two faint lines. Compare that to what was there previously. It sure looks better but those lines still stand out for me. The short line is like a ridge of paint or something. I think I could sand it down myself and that would be ok. The longer line is an actual crack in the paint that he put down. I’m not sure if it cracked along a seam of some sort or it just happened to crack there. This seems a little bit more difficult to fix. Should I try to fix it myself? I don’t even know what shade or type of white paint he used.

Maybe I’ll call the company and see if they’re even willing to come out again to fix a minor thing like this.

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