One of the things I viewed as a positive when I saw my apartment for the first time was the inclusion of basic yet stainless steel appliances of a cooking, cooling, and cleaning variety.

Now with my refrigerator, up until very recently, I just used it to cool and freeze my food. As some of you know, the large outside surface area of a refrigerator allows you to use it for other purposes, namely the posting of flat materials likes photos, crayon drawings, coupons, and report cards. When I moved in, I didn’t bring any magnets with me so my fridge remained uncovered.

Then a few weeks ago, some friends I know in Australia sent me a picture of their adorable newborn son. The picture was thoughtfully constructed with a small piece flexible magnet placed on the back of the photo. After looking at the picture, I decided it should be the very first item I put on my fridge. I then placed the photo onto the freezer portion of my fridge, removed my hand, and then watched as the photo gracefully fluttered onto my kitchen floor. It was then I realized my stainless steel fridge was not friendly to magnets.

With a little bit of investigation I found out my dishwasher and stove are magnet friendly but my fridge is not. Unfortunately, it’s not very practical to be putting items on your oven door and dishwasher. It was because of this I learned that some types of stainless steel are magnetic and other are not. And I learned something today.


  1. Oh noes!

    I always envisioned him on your fridge next to a Dominoes flyer and a New West garbage and recycling calendar. The dream is over.


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