For some of my Canadian readers, you’re aware that our dollar has been performing spectacularly against the greenback from down south. “Experts” apparently predicted the dollar to be on par sometime in the new year but many now for see that happening as early as next week.

I was initially dismayed to see our dollar rise so much and so fast in the last few weeks. In September, I sold some of my EA stock, the proceeds of which I received in US dollars. Selling US-based stocks is a bit of a two-step process. The first step is deciding when to sell, which is never an easy decision. Then there’s deciding when to convert it all back to Canadian dollars.

As I waited, the dollar went up and up. I didn’t really need the money right away, so I just dumped the proceeds into a US dollar ING Direct account. There it sits, waiting for the inevitable drop. For now though, our dollar is strong.

I didn’t really see the bright side of things until today, when I realized I should probably buy all my US goods now. I have my eye on a few things over at MonoPrice and I really want Season 5 of Mythbusters on DVD.

So I suppose it’s not all bad news. By the way, I forgot to bring my camera to work today. You’ll just have to trust me that I fish and chips for dinner. I would have had the BBQ ribs but they ran out. The lady behind the counter even chastised me for not eating earlier.

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