I’m very tired this evening, so rather than make a cohesive and coherent post, I’m just going to type down things as they come to me. I’ll stop when run out of thoughts or I have to go check on the food in my toaster oven.

Though there were times I disliked taking the #160 bus from downtown Vancouver to Port Moody, I for sure miss the napping opportunities that commute afforded me. I used to nap almost daily for at least half an hour. I don’t get to nap anymore.

I went to the Richmond Night Market for the first time on Sunday. If you plan on going, make sure you don’t go there on a full stomach, the food there is a big draw. They have everything from deep fried ice cream to deep fried Oreos to those little doughnuts. They also have non-fried things too. For a seemingly ad hoc enterprise, the Richmond Night Market is surprisingly well organized.

I watched the movie Hot Fuzz on Friday evening. It was quite entertaining. I enjoy the work of Simon Pegg.

After a few rumblings that Disney would purchase my employer, Electronic Arts, it turns out they wanted Marvel instead. This pretty much rules out a Disney-owned EA. I guess they wanted Wolverine more than John Madden. If only I had bought Marvel shares last week.

Speaking of shares, I received my latest batch of EA shares from our employee stock purchase plan. I usually sell the day I get them to ensure a guaranteed, albeit small profit. It’s a shame however that the stock dropped 3% in price before I even woke up today. It maybe foolish but I’m going to hold onto to my shares until that 3% comes back.

I had a wrap for lunch today. The menu made it seem like the wrap would contain breaded chicken strips in buffalo sauce. What I got instead appeared to be boiled chicken with some Tabasco sauce on it. I was disappointed.

I bought some Sprite Zero last week so I could enjoy a carbonated beverage in the evening without having to worry about caffeine or sugar.

I believe summer is about to end quite drastically. Though the forecast is for sun in the next two days, keep two things in mind: we’re already in September and Thanksgiving is about a month away. If you can think back to how crisp it usually is around the beginning of October, you’ll realize that summer of 2009 is at a close and you should be ready to pack away the shorts for another year.

I have underwear on.

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