After I bought my apartment, I’ve at times wondered what would be the first thing that would need major repairing. Well, I don’t have to wonder no more. To cut to the chase, there’s a water leak in the ceiling above my toilet in the bathroom.

I was taking a shower this evening after returning from my weekly jai alai game. After I was finished cleansing myself, I turned to move the shower curtain out of the way. It was then I noticed a weird discolouration on the bathroom ceiling above the toilet. I quickly dried myself and then applied my usual salves, ointments, and powders to my body. Once clothed, I went to the utility closet to get a step ladder.

I got up close to the part of the ceiling in question and gingered touched the part that looked the most affected. It was slightly moist to the touch. I then lightly poked at it with my index fingernail. The ceiling was mushy. It was so mushy that my fingernail left an indent in the ceiling. It was at this point I knew this was serious.

I’m keeping an eye out on it. I’m about to go to bed. I’m not sure if there’s anything to be done tonight. The live-in building dude has hours of 8am to 5pm and I’m pretty sure he’s in bed now. The professional building manager doesn’t start until the morning as well. They have an emergency number but I’m not sure if this counts as an emergency. Water isn’t dripping down just yet. I believe this could wait another six or seven hours until morning.

What I am worried about is how much work is this going to be to get everything repaired. I’m also concerned about who’s going to pay for all of this! I’m almost certain I’m still under the new home warranty but I admit I haven’t read all the clauses in that thing. Maybe this type of thing isn’t covered. Perhaps I’m just being pessimistic but if I had to pay for all of this, that would suck big time.

Stayed tuned for further details.

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