Though Sacha Baron Cohen is now better known for his Borat and Bruno characters, let us not forget he was once Ali G. For many, myself included, this was his first character that many people knew him by.

In the clip above, the man from Staines interviews formerly important politician Newt Gingrinch. Stick with the clip past 1:25 when Ali G gives us a pretty good motto to live life by. I remember watching this episode with my good friends Bryan, Sarah, and Adam at SJC. It was good times. Oh and congrats to Bryan and Sarah on producing baby Liam.

One more bit about Sacha Baron Cohen. You may not know this but Baron Cohen was actually the person who portrayed Internet legend “Super Greg“. I didn’t find this out until a few weeks ago despite knowing about “Super Greg” for nearly a decade now. It’s amazing how much Baron Cohen can change his appearance.

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