My parents bought me a watch as a gift a little more than a year ago. It was a Citizen Eco-Drive model. It’s a nice watch but the plastic strap broke last week. I tried holding it together with some tape but it’s not working very well. I took it to various stores but each and everyone told me the strap is not standard and that they’d have to contact Toronto to even get a quote for a replacement. One guy said it be $35-$45 as a ballpark figure. That’s a lot of money for a plastic strap.

In the meantime, since I need to have a watch on my wrist (it’s a personal thing), I looked around for a replacement. About two years ago, my friend Ron got me a fake Rolex when he was in China. It kinda looked a bit too flashy for me so that’s why I never really wore it. Well, push came to shove this week so I’ve been wearing it all weekend. It’s kinda growing on me. Here’s a picture of what it exactly looks like. What do you think?

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