So in today’s EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis for the Wii competition, my partner and I eked out a 3-1 games win in the first round. Despite having not played the game before and despite facing opponents who had played before, we managed to roar out to a 2-0 lead. We then lost the next game at love before my Slacker served out the last game for the match.

There are some peculiarities in how the tourney is run. First, I believe it’s first to three games for the win but I’m not certain if the match goes to a tiebreaker or if you have to win by 2. Second, even though we advanced to the next round, the next round is a round-robin format, despite the first round being an elimination round. The tournament ends today. We hope to make it to the finals.

In other completely unrelated news, did you know you can now change your Facebook username? Yes, it’s true. Even though they said you had to live with your username choice for the rest of time, it appears you can change it now. Click here for all the details. Maybe this lady will get her chance to save some embarrassment once her son grows up to know what his Mom’s username means.

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