On some days when I look at my Facebook feed, all I see are people answering quizzes and tests, varying from “How well do you know my vagina?” to “What kind of potato are you?”

Perhaps I’m getting all old and crusty but I refuse to click on any of those things myself. Part of the reason is that I try to keep the number of apps installed on Stalkerbook Facebook to a minimum. The other part is that most of those quizzes are poorly written. Most of them on Facebook have just been ported over from web-based quizzes that were quite popular many eons ago from 2005. The authors would generally skew the results so that if you just once gave a chicken a “reach around”, Linus would be the Peanuts character you resemble the most.

Please, let’s all get back to the basics. Why can’t we just continue to post pictures of drunken outings like we all did before?

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