I had a new bed delivered today. I’m still not sure what was going through my head when I went mattress shopping in late February. The original bed I purchased from Sleep Country Canada was way too firm for my liking. It lead to many nights of less than satisfying sleep. It was so bad, I’d get up and my shoulders and hip areas would be numb from having the circulation being cut off (I’m a side sleeper). The mattress was indeed way too firm.

Stupidly, I let the sixty night comfort guarantee expire. I went back to the store anyways and was ready to beg the salesperson for an exchange. Luckily, that was not needed. He just told me to phone the regional office to get a guarantee extension. I did just that and was able to select a new bed. Not only was I given an extension, I was given a 30 day extension. The dude who was doing my sale said I could spent four weeks picking out a new bed if I wanted.

I didn’t really want to wait that long. I basically told him to show me the softest mattress in the store and we’d go from there. I eventually selected a mattress that felt like it was stuffed with cotton balls compared to the granite slab I had originally.

The delivery went without a hitch this morning and now I actually have something where I could get a decent night of sleep. Sleep Country Canada didn’t have to give me the exchange extension but they did anyways. So at least in my books, Sleep Country Canada is ok in my books.

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