So today was the second Tuesday working out in Burnaby. One of the things myself and another co-worker have discussed previously was the lack of nearby KFC locations when we worked downtown. Knowing we were going to the ‘burbs, we talked about being closer to KFC locations. In fact, where we work, we have nearby locations at Metrotown, Brentwood Mall, and on Kingsway by NCIX.

We were both looking forward to partaking in “Toonie Tuesdays“. This is a KFC promotion where just over $2 gets you two pieces of chicken and an order of fries. We thought it was too soon to go last Tuesday. Today, we almost pulled the trigger on our first “Toonie Tuesday”. Unfortunately, I was already starving and opted to the cafeteria instead. I had the tuna steak, which tasted great but left me with a queasy stomach afterwards.

I’m almost certain that next Tuesday I’ll be ordering two “Toonie Tuesday” specials.

3 thoughts on “GREAT RESTRAINT”

  1. Although EA’s cafeteria improved substantially over the years, I have to say the only things I miss are the breakfast wraps and the Belgian waffles. Those were some good eats.

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