I know that Wikipedia has almost universal appeal. I quite enjoy reading that site myself. The wealth of knowledge contained there has led to many lost yet informative hours on my part. I seem to, however, fall into a certain trap when it comes to entries on books, TV shows, and movies that I haven’t seen or read. I have a difficult time at stopping myself from reading a plot summary that is unknown to me.

I have several examples of this. Just recently, I read a summary on a Stephen King novel that I didn’t even know existed. It took me five minutes to read the plot summary and at the end, I knew all the major plot points. Now, I’ll be less likely to read that novel because I know what’s going to happen. I might have actually enjoyed reading the book but now I’ve spoiled it for myself.

I also did the same thing for the Saw series of movies. Those type of movies aren’t really my thing anyways, so I felt less guilty of spoiling them. It doesn’t matter though, now if I ever see a Saw movie on TV, I’ll know how its going to end.

Does anyone else do the same thing?

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