I have been playing games on the Xbox 360 system since about late 2006. It took me until this weekend to finally complete all the achievements for a single game. I managed to garner 1000 achievement points while playing Godfather II.

For those who don’t play video games, any Xbox 360 game is earmarked with a number of activities or tasks that a player can finish, thus earning them a set amount of achievement points. In general, a game has 1000 achievement points to earn though a few exceptions have raised that limit. The makers of a game can decide to spread those 1000 points in any way they see fit, including how hard it is to get those 1000 points.

In my previous attempts to get 1000 points were always railroaded by things I just didn’t care enough to overcome. Most of the time, some of the points were dedicated to online activities. Since I hate playing with other people on Xbox Live, I didn’t even try to get those achievements. Other times, some of the achievements were tied to completing some incredibly hard tasks in the game. I didn’t care for eliminating a boss with just my fists when I could barely do it with the best weapon in the game. Other times, I just didn’t feel like repeating a task 500 times to get an achievement. So overall, it became very difficult for me to get 1000 points. Previously, the closest I came was 800 while playing The Simpsons Game.

A few days ago, I knew I had a really great chance with Godfather II because I noticed it didn’t have any online achievements and the remaining ones that I had to do were very reasonable. It took me an hour on Sunday to do some specific tasks and I was able to get the last 100 or so points to get to 1000.

I know some of you who don’t play games must think this is a pretty odd thing to be happy about but I’m quite pleased. Part of the reason is that other games can look at my gaming record online and see I’m part of 1000 club. Yep, I need to go outside more often.

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