On my way home this evening on the bus there were two ladies in the two seats in front of me. There was nothing out of the ordinary in this situation and soon enough I found myself falling asleep. As I’ve written many times, napping on the bus is something I quite enjoy.

Anyways, near the end of my commute I woke up as I usually do. I noticed the lady near the window in front was awake but the lady next to her (closest to the aisle was asleep). Not only was she asleep, she had some crazy head movement. When people fall asleep while sitting I have noticed they usually either bob their heads forward and then snap back up or they sway from side to side. This particular lady was a side to side swayer and what a swayer she was. I’d never seen anything like it before. When she was leaning into the aisle, she was tilted over by nearly 45 degrees. If someone was coming down the aisle, there’d be no way they could get past her. When reversing her tilt, she was completely leaning into the poor woman to her left. Her head would be fully supported by the other woman’s shoulder. The other lady was so polite about it too and didn’t once push her back over.

What I don’t get is that sleepyhead had a very high tolerance for not waking up due to head movement. In my experience, if I lean too far in any direction, I wake up and instinctively snap back into a more centered position. This lady didn’t have any of that. So even though the bus would be travelling straight, I’d watch this woman lean way into the aisle, sway back to center for a few seconds, and then lean into the other woman like she was a comfortable pillow.

Go Ducks of Anaheim!

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