Last Friday, I was told that on the first day of work when myself and my co-workers move to Burnaby we will all have new business cards waiting on our desks.

If you’ve read this blog for a long time, you’ll know this development has some significance for me. If you need some reminding, read this, that, and here. I was supposed to get business cards from EA about a year and a half ago but some things got in the way of that. First, about a year ago we were told the skate team was supposed to move into this fancy new Yaletown studio. In fact, it was scheduled to be around this time. So it didn’t make sense to make cards with an address that was going to be invalid so soon. So they waited. Then EA realized the company was losing lots of money, so to cut costs, we abandoned the plans to move to the fancy new studio. I was kinda bummed but I was gonna be even more bummed by the next development. Not only were we not moving to Yaletown, we were going to abandon downtown Vancouver altogether and shack up with the folks in Burnaby. So again, another reason not to make cards until we were settled somewhere.

So here we are. I’ll be getting business cards at the beginning of June. I know the sample size is small but the facts remain, I have never received business cards and not quit my job within 45 days. Sure, this has happened only twice but strange things do occur. I’ve watched a lot of Twilight Zone episodes.

I actually not all that worried based on one fact. For those two previous jobs, I was clearly unsatisfied with employer for many different reasons. I really have nothing to complain about in my current job. I suppose they could give us free pastries more often. Does that count as a complaint?

So we’ll see if I break this streak this summer.

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