I can tell its spring break around town. How can I tell? There are kids everywhere where usually I don’t see kids. At work today, I saw someone taking a mom and her two kids around the floor on a tour. They were looking at some stuff on the walls and then wandered into the 12th floor lounge area. Unfortunately, at the time Amy and I were both watching Joe make lime green Jello vodka shots on the counter. There were three large and empty vodka bottles on the counter as well. I don’t think the kids noticed when they walked by but the mother may have. In our defense, we have a St. Paddy’s day event planned so that’s why Joe was making the shots.

On my way home, I saw another sign that it was indeed spring break. The bus driver of the bus I took had his daughter on his bus. She was sitting right at the front of the bus to his immediate right. She was about eight years old. They talked while he drove. I guess he couldn’t find someone to look after her. I bet there’s nothing more exciting than watching her Dad drive from downtown Vancouver to the outskirts of Coquitlam.

Where else will I see kids tomorrow?

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