I have decided I am going to sell my Nintendo Wii. The decision came to me while I was in the shower, as most decisions in my life are made. I realized that it’s been a year since I actually sat down, turned on the Wii, and actually played a game (it was Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 by the way, good job EAC!). I unplugged it about six months ago, so its been unable to tell me what updates are available and I really didn’t care. I didn’t even send away for the free Wiimote protectors.

For a gaming enthusiast like myself, it was quite telling that I hadn’t found any excuse to play Wii games in a year, yet I found time to play both PC and Xbox 360 games. I also realized that I’m just not a real Nintendo gamer. I know now that games like Left 4 Dead will never come out for a system like the Wii. Speaking of L4D, holy crap let me tell you about a campaign a buddy and I were playing this evening. We were doing “Blood Harvest” and we were along the train tracks with the wrecked rail cars. We were standing on top of one of the cars when a Tank appeared. He went up to get us, so I jumped off one side and my buddy jumped off the other. Unfortunately, that meant we were on the opposite sides of the line of cars and no way for us to easily meet up again. The Tank went after him, so he just ran like the wind, all the while I’m looking for gaps in the cars to get back on the other side. Of course, a horde of zombies came outta nowhere on my side and here I am all alone. I woulda got my ass kicked except for the fact I had one pipe bomb left and the horde ran after that. After I dealt with that, I looked back to see where my friend, Zoey, Francis, and the Tank went. They were almost a speck in the distance, they had run so far back, they actually were back at the initial safe house point. I’d never been so far separated before from my team. In all that craziness, they had managed to kill the Tank.

Wait, what was I writing about? Oh yeah, my dust covered Wii. I think I’m going to ask for $200 for the whole package, which includes the console, two Wiimotes, two Nunchuks, an extra S-video cable, and a few games. I think that’s a reasonable price. Is anyone interested?

4 thoughts on “WII DECISION”

  1. Oh man, I almost didn’t make it back to the starting area, but the Tank punched me in the back of the head and I flew right to the railway car.wtf was up with the messed up difficulty level?

  2. I’ve thought about selling my Wii lately too. I think I turn it on once a month, and that’s only when we have a friend over.

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