Fair warning before this post goes any further, I’m going to get whiny in this one. So, this past Friday, Black Box had their holiday party which I was quite pleased to attend. It was a great evening, a themed evening no less, as we were transported back to old time Hollywood. The facilities crew did a great job of organizing things and really made the Commodore Ballroom look and feel like the 1930s and 1940s. I had an awesome time.

Having said that, there were prize draws and I entered my name in. You always hope to win something. Here’s just a partial list of prizes: Canucks tickets (several pairs were given away, different games too), gift certificates for good restaurants (Sutton Place hotel and Italian Kitchen), gift certificates for Future Shop, gift certificates for spas, lift tickets at Whistler, ipods, tickets to Franz Ferdinand, and tickets to Katy Perry. Pretty good eh?

My name came up in the draw. I won something. You know what I won? An orchid plant. Me and two other dudes won an orchid. We won flowers. I should be grateful that I won anything but I won a flower. I happened to be downtown this evening, so I swung by the studio to pick up my prize. Yep, there it was waiting for me. A single orchid in a planter. I didn’t drive so there was no way I could take that thing home on the bus. So I took it to my desk and just put it there. I’ll have drop by on the weekend or something when I can drive and pick it up then. A flower.

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