A video game came out this week entitled Left 4 Dead. The game has a simple premise. The planet has suffered a worldwide apocalypse. Most of the human population has been changed into murderous and ravenous beings that appear to be running dead, they are the “Infected”. Game players are the “Survivors”, people who have somehow avoid being turned into one of the “Infected”. The “Survivors” now must fight for their lives in a world turned upside down. The game is best played cooperatively over the Internet with three other “Survivors”.

If you know me even a little, this sounds right up my alley. Indeed it is, yet, I don’t even own this game yet. I’m so busy with work, trying to get skate 2 out the door, I have very little time to do anything else other than eating and ensuring my genitals clothes are clean. The game will be done soon but even then, I have to do some prep work for L4D. First, I gotta make sure my video drivers are up to date. If we’re gonna barricade ourselves in a warehouse, I need to have silky smooth frame rates. Second, I need to buy a decent headset for my computer. Communication is vital in L4D. If I’m going to screaming “reloading” every five seconds, my buddies near to hear it.

I’m not sure when I’ll be joining the good fight but let’s hope it’s soon.

2 thoughts on “LEFT 4 DEAD”

  1. This game is SO GOOD!I was playing the demo with co-workers since it was pre-released to those who pre-ordered the game. Since the full version has been released we’ve been playing every lunch.We play on Expert, and have only managed to get through the first 3 chapters of the second level. (The demo was the first 2 chapters of the 1st level, but we skipped that entire level when the game came out; we’ll go back and do it later.)Although the headset will help, your character does make announcements without prompting. (“Reloading!”, “Pipe bombs over here!”, “Pills over here!”, “Ammo over here!”, “Weapons over here!”. Etc.)So good!

  2. Just to get a feel for the game, I played the “No Mercy” scenario with AI teammates for about an hour last night. The game is way scarier than I had anticipated it to be. Just hearing the moans of the “Infected”, waiting for the horde to rush in is one hell of a thrill.I eagerly anticipate playing with human teammates!

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