The above video is an excerpt from an interview with a married couple in the US. The husband is leaning towards voting for Barack Obama because he believes Obama will do more for the union worker. The wife, to put it mildly, is firmly behind John McCain. The sole reason for her choice is a matter of faith. She believes McCain is more aligned with her conservative and Christian values than Obama. She does not care about his McCain’s policies, neither economic nor foreign, it’s all about which candidate is closer to her brand of Christianity.

To listen to her speak about Senator Obama fills me with sadness. Though she never outright makes a racist statement, some of what she says would make most people uncomfortable. Though I would like to think she doesn’t represent all Republican voters, one cannot discount that there are plenty more people like her out there in the US.

Listening to her statements, it’s reinforces my belief as to why the US is where it is today and that is going in the wrong direction for the last eight years. A single-minded, laser focus on just religion and just the fundamental Christian religion blinds so many people to the vast array of other issues a US President must face. Asked if her voting for McCain would jeopardize the interests of her blue collar, working-class husband, she responds with:

“The Lord will take care of us.”

She has every right to believe whatever she wants but I’m finding it very hard to come to terms with her beliefs. She’s banking on God to take care of her family, instead of Obama because one thing is much more tangible to her than the other. I’m very confused.

On November 4, when the US goes to the polls, this woman and many others like her are the ones Democrats will have face, remember that.

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  1. Wow! Religion in the minds of the ignorant can be very dangerous. Honestly, this lady appears to be brain washed by her religion and/or I think she should be wearing a white sheet. Separation of church and state is good.

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