Despite hearing about how more females are getting into gaming, it’s still rare to witness a real, genuine female gamer in the world. Colour me surprised when actress Mila Kunis appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and expressed her love of the game World of Warcraft, more commonly known as WoW.

The co-star of the new movie Max Payne and the voice of Meg on the TV show Family Guy, admitted she was so caught up with WoW that she had to quit. It was slightly surreal listening to Kunis talk about her “kick ass mage” and “joining a guild” to do “raids” while using “Ventrilo”. Now, I’ve heard those terms before but usually it’s coming from dudes who certainly don’t look like Mila Kunis. She also let people know she’s part of a large guild that has no idea who she really is. I find it amusing there are a group of people out there who raided with Kunis and didn’t realize the person who just cast that spell was Meg from Family Guy.

If you’re interested, she starts talking about her WoW addiction starting at 3:50 into the interview above. Maybe we should send her a free copy of Warhammer Online?

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