So the company that made my t-shirts sent me an e-mail this morning. They’re offering to make me one free toque or beanie with my logo on it. I’ll take them up on their offer for sure but that got me looking at their web site again (funny how that works). The last time I checked, they didn’t offer women’s thong underwear as an item. Now they do. Just for craps and tee-hees, I got an instant quote online. It would cost me about $200 to make 15 pairs of black women’s thong underwear with my logo silkscreened on it (front or back). Unfortunately, I don’t know a single woman who would wear such a thing, even if I gave it out for free. Perhaps, I should be thinking of giving away retro-style headbands instead.

2 thoughts on “FREE TOQUE OR BEANIE!”

  1. Being from Winnipeg, a toque would be very handy, and an toque would be a good converation piece, similar to if I owned Jerry Lewis’s cufflinks…It would be my “in” to discuss all things erwintang with the raptured public. It would be much better anyway than just using my name as an in with other “Phil”s Long story short, if you decide to put in an order, and the price were reasonable, I would pickup an toque. Let me know!

  2. Hey another reader of is in Winnipeg? Small world… Those of us stuck out here in the cold prairies get first priority to the toques.

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