In a previous post, I detailed the real estate listing that appeared to show a picture of a genuine stripper pole right in the middle of a condo’s living room. I was interested in the condo beyond just the pole but it certainly did add to my desire to see the place, plus its owner.

Today, my realtor arranged for us to see the apartment. It was weird in that the listing realtor did not meet us there. My own realtor managed to get the keys to the place even though someone was already living there.

We went up to the place and knocked on the door. No one answered so my realtor took the keys and unlocked the door and went in. It was clearly being lived in. Also, music was playing from an unseen source. Whoever was living there had cleared out for us, knowing we’d be arriving. The whole thing seemed a bit odd, so my realtor told me to be quick about having a look.

I can confirm with my own eyes there is indeed a brass stripper pole right where it is in the picture. With the various fingerprints up and down the pole, I could also tell it has been used in the past. At this point, I really, really wanted to meet the tenant and/or the owner but neither was to be seen.

The rest of the apartment itself is quite nice with a very large den, attractive kitchen, and decent hardwood floors. The sucky part is that the view nothing to write home about. The living room window faces a side street and part of a main thoroughfare, none of which are spectacular things to look at. It also didn’t have a storage locker which might account for the random piles clothing, objects, and knick-knacks lying around.

The question of the day for me is whether or not the pole comes with the apartment. If it’s simply a portable pole that can be packed away easily, I suppose the answer would be no. An ok apartment nonetheless but I don’t think I’ll be making an offer.


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