Congrats go out to Tyson and Tom for making it to Cape Town. Their motorcycling journey through Europe and then Africa was certainly an enormous undertaking and I am glad they got to the end safe and sound. You can read Tyson’s final post of the trip here. Also, the lads were featured in a Sunday Times article. It’s a great summary of their trip and there are some amusing comments from some readers at the end.

Tyson is now back in Toronto, resuming his education in the medical field. I wonder if all that seems dull now compared to riding across the plains of Africa? Bone, I’ll see you in about a month in Ottawa! You can tell me about all the unwritten stories!

One thought on “A JOURNEY COMPLETED”

  1. Thanks Erwin. Yes, returning to Toronto after riding through Africa has been a bit of an adjustment. See you soon buddy.PS – Watch the Toronto Star for the next few days…

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