We’ve been watching a lot of the Olympic coverage at work. We get CBC streamed in on our internal network plus its on all the TVs in the studio. As you can imagine, it’s certainly not news to us that Canada has not won a single medal so far in Beijing.

I think a few of us are getting discourage by our performance so far. I’m not sure who coined it but someone came up with the phrase “Canadian gold”. We’ve decided it means any performance by a Canadian athlete where they place eighth or better. It’s made for some interesting comments.

“He didn’t make the podium but his time was good for a ‘Canadian gold’.”

“Oh, the final heat is starting, she’ll be going for ‘Canadian gold’.”

“Doh! He just missed out on ‘Canadian gold’.”

I have full confidence in our athletes to get at least one medal before the Games end.

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