From both the BC Hydro web site and an e-mail from my manager, I have received word that power has been restored to the building that houses EA Black Box, meaning I can return to work on Thursday morning.

With the addition of these three extra days off, it’s been quite the vacation for me. Going back to June 28, some 19 days ago, I’ve only worked one day in that span. I’ve had almost two-thirds of a month where I wasn’t working which is pretty impressive given I only took seven days worth of vacation.

Now the flip side is that I’ll probably have to make up some of these three lost days. It hasn’t been officially mandated by management but I know we’re on a tight schedule. I’m well aware of what work still needs to be done and I’m keen as ever to deliver the best game possible.

It’s time to put my hard hat back on and grab my lunch pail.

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