Last week, I mentioned that I’d be playing Rock Band with some dudes on Saturday. The video above is proof of that. I think I’m in frame for about a second and I’m playing guitar. You can’t really see John at all but he’s on bass. Ron is on drums. That’s Tim doing vocals.

Everyone in the video is employed as a software engineer at EA, except for Ron. Ron isn’t employed at all. That’s ok because he gets a lot of sleep and plays as much video games as he wants. And yes, that’s an old computer case and two phone books that Ron is sitting on.

Also, last week I mentioned I’d be bowling on Friday. Bowl I did on Friday. It was a rousing bit of five-pin bowling at the Commodore Lanes. Though I only bowled for about half an hour, it left me with aches and pains for about a day afterwards. What hurt the most was the muscle that’s just above your knee, I think it’s called the medulla cheddar-longoria. Anyways, that thing hurt like a sumbitch every time I went down some stairs. I’m ok now but you gotta stretch before ya bowl.

In other news, my web stats indicate that the other day, some one typed “erwin tang ea” into Google. I don’t know who this person was but I have no idea why they want to know about me and how I’m associated with EA. Seriously, you if ask nicely, I will just send you naked photos of myself, no need to Google them.

Last but certainly not least, did you notice the archives have been updated again? It’s super easy now that I wrote an application to automate that task. With this attention to detail, you’d expect me to give out free t-shirts or something.

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