Though I don’t have specific problems, I decided on the weekend to dramatically increase my fibre intake. I’m doing so by not eating hay but rather by eating Kellog’s All-Bran Buds cereal. These things look like super tiny bales of hay that you might see on a farm.

As you can expect, this cereal isn’t popping with flavour though strangely enough, every 28g of this stuff contains 8g of sugar. It sure don’t taste sugary. It’s not about the taste though as this cereal is all about the high fibre. There’s 12g of fibre for every 28g of cereal. That’s 48% of the suggested daily intake of fibre in just a 1/3 of a cup.

I’m not going to take the 2 week Challenge like William Shatner did in those commercials but I will be seeing how this affects my well-being. At the very least, maybe this will add some fun to potty time.

One thought on “REGULAR JOE”

  1. As a second year med student who has had a couple lectures on nutrition, I would recommend fibre1 original because you get 14g of fibre per 30g serving and ZERO grams of sugar. Slice some fruit into it and I’m sure it would taste better than the Kellogg cereal with all that added sugar.

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