Though I don’t mention it much, I am indeed a fan of the local pro ice hockey club, the Vancouver Canucks. I have been a fan since 1982. I have seen many incarnations of the team come and go. I remember their first Cup run in 1982, the heart-wrenching game 7 loss in 1994, and of course the current edition of the team.

Many players have suited up for the Canucks, but no other player has had a bigger impact on the team and the city than Trevor Linden. Along with his accomplishments on the ice, his devotion to charitable and benovelent causes off the ice have made him a beloved player in the community.

Linden is in his 19th season and questions remain as to his status as a player beyond the current season. He’ll be 38 years old in April and few players at that age play competitively in the NHL. This very well could be his last season.

Because this year could be the last, I am determined to go to the last home game of the regular season. The Canucks have struggled in their last two games, so if this continues, they won’t make the playoffs, rendering the last home game the last game period. Now Canucks tickets have been sold out for like seven seasons straight. My only recourse is to go through a ticket broker or a scalper. Ticket brokers are like a slightly higher class scalper. Things with them are a bit more legit, so I’ll probably go with them.

The only problem is that tickets in the nosebleeds currently stand at $175 per ticket for that game. It’s ridiculous actually. What’s even more ridiculous is that I’m pretty much decided to buy two of those babies. I don’t want to go alone, so I’ve decided to take my good friend Garrett along. I don’t expect him to pony up that stupid amount of cash, so it’s on me.

Is $400 too much money for two people to go to a hockey game? Hell yeah it is. It’s also a chance to be there at Linden’s last game, assuming he does retire. If he doesn’t? Well, I’ll have to do this damn thing all over again next year.

4 thoughts on “A FAREWELL TO A LEGEND?”

  1. You’re right Cam, at the time of my posting the ‘Nucks hadn’t lost to Minny.I bet the prices are dropping as I type this.

  2. If that last game is a critical game, will Linden even play? Yes he has a rep as a big-game player, but the coach has a rep as a Linden-sits-in-the-pressbox coach.Though, after last night’s 2 goals, Trev may have locked up a spot for the last 3 games…

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