Ah yes, another year and another Valentine’s Day. My Valentine’s Day post has become a much anticipated tradition around If you poke around the archives you’ll probably know what to expect here so there shouldn’t be any surprises.

This year, I’m planning on spending the evening in quiet reflection. I think I’m gonna head home from work around 6pm. As always, I have a special, tasty meal planned for myself. I’m thinking lots of butter and lots of cream… and that’s only for the pre-dinner drink. This year, it’s going to be coq au vin. I haven’t made that before so it’s going to be fun. Plus, I’ll be able to drink the wine while I prepare it.

After preparing and eating my delicious meal, I’m going to snuggle up on the couch in front of the TV with what’s left of the bag of wine. From there, I shall sip at my tasty beverage while watching a week’s worth of Oprah that I PVRed. Not to be left out, I’ll probably toss in Burnout Paradise in the old 360. As wine and vehicular carnage often leads to, my mood will shift towards the ancient art of self-love. The revered act will take me to the heights of pleasure but as always, it will send me crashing into the depths of exhaustion. Unable to cope, I will surrender to sleep, tangled in a mess of Hot Pocket wrappers and bank statements.

Before the evening is out, I will rustle from my slumber. Pulling myself together, I head off to the nearest 7-11 where I will purchase a two litre Big Gulp full of Mountain Dew and a tacquito to go. Upon returning home, I end another fabulous Valentine’s Day by gaming until the wee hours of the morning, causing me to call in sick the next day for work.

3 thoughts on “VALENTINE'S DAY 2008”

  1. Ah, of course! That’s why they play that pleasant music out there – to make your dining experience that much more enjoyable!

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