Having ordered a new computer late Thursday evening, it finally arrived at my home today. It would have got here yesterday had Purolator not put it on the wrong delivery truck on Monday morning.

I got the computer without an OS and an optical drive since I wanted to save a few bucks. I have an MS friend down in Redmond who gave me a copy of Windows XP. I’m also reusing a DVD writer I have from my old computer.

I forgot how long and involved it is to setup a new computer. Installing the OS can be a chore and setting it up just right takes forever. I started in earnest around 9pm and I only got XP installed and managed to install the graphics card drivers. Two hours and a bit just for that. My installation of XP is already with service pack 2 yet when I checked for updates, I still have over 90 critical updates to download and install.

I wish I could spend all day tomorrow to continue my setup. In any case, I am going to bed.

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