This post is for people who have signed up to Facebook. I don’t know many Internet savvy people who haven’t done so already so this probably applies to many of you.

The main reason I joined and use Facebook rather than MySpace or Friendster is because the initial clean layout of everyone’s profile really appealed to me. Facebook took away some of the control so that people couldn’t mess up the layout and produce a garbage profile.

We’re now months into the explosion of third-party apps on Facebook and you should see some of these profiles. Some people have over a dozen apps installed with little or no regard to where they sit layout-wise in their profile. These profile pages are so long now, I have to scroll through page after page, looking for their contact info or whatever important stuff that should be front and center. If I have a vertical resolution of over 1000 pixels and it takes me thirteen page downs to get to your contact info, you’ve got some problems.

What’s even worse is that with a million apps installed, you’re spamming all you FB friends with stupid notifications. I really don’t care that Sally took Carol’s rook in Facebook chess. These apps are even sending stuff to your friends when you’re not even aware of it. Just because you like an app and installed it doesn’t mean I want any part of it.

In the last two days or so, people have been sending me FunWall posts or Booze Mail or whatever. I have to install the app to read what they sent me but I’m not going to do it. I’m not even going to install it, read it, and then uninstall it immediately.

Sure my profile page might be boring but it’s clean and that’s the way I’m going to keep it.

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