Based on my reliable sources, there was only a single Ph.D defense today on this planet and it was my good friend Rhonda who successfully defended her thesis.

Though I wasn’t at the defense, according to the media that was present, things went smoothly and the nearly three hour examination ended in what was widely reported as a “three-minute standing ovation”.

Ok, I may have made up some of the previous sentence but it is indeed true that the defense went well and it is just a series of formalities before I can officially start calling Rhonda Dr. Rhonda from now on. Congratulations go out to her and everyone who’s supported her through out these years.

I’ve known Rhonda for half a decade now and she’s been working on this Ph.D for that long, plus three months, so it’s been years filled with hard work and dedication. I really commend anyone who has the fortitude to complete a doctoral degree.

Anyways, congrats to Rhonda again, you’ve made your parents and myself so very proud.


  1. Hey Erwin, that is indeed wonderful news (as is the great news that you are thriving at your place of work).I’m sure that Rhonda will have a splendid and caring career (as your merry posts suggest you are having too). Huzzah!I agree with all your pro-St. John College remarks. The folks there were singularly talented and kind. I am glad to catch glimpses of them (and their babies in the case of the generous Nick and Marcie) in your blog now and then.You, Erwin, were the first blogger I knew (this was back in the fall of 2002), and so you have to be a role model of sorts for me. For what it’s worth, my wife and I have a quasi-blog of our own now,, Erwin, all best (i.e.,continued success)

  2. Richard:What a pleasant surprise to hear from you again! Thank you for the kind comments.I’m glad I’m a role model to at least one person on this planet!

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