EA has started a new project and I’m excited to be part of the new team. We had a team meeting last week and from what I was shown, the new game has strong potential to be a real crowd pleaser. I can’t give out any details yet but in due time, there will be news.

Anyways, the point of this post is that we still need people to make this game happen! We’re in need of software engineers, artists, and project managers. Take a look below at the positions available. RTF means “regular full time” and TFT means “temporary full time” but keep in mind a lot of TFTs become RFTs after they’ve proven themselves after a single project. If I refer you for a position and you get hired, I get some cash! I’ll be willing to share it with you!

So if you want to work on a kick-ass project, them e-mail me!

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