I’ve often thought about how my blog would read if there had been blogs back when I was younger. Actually, I was blogging before I even it knew what it was. When I first got hosting for my site, I’d write a little something on the main page of my site and then put an interesting picture up. I’d try to put something new up about once a week. Because I didn’t use a publishing system, there was no such thing as archives. I just overwrote what I had before.

Anyways, it’s a shame there were no blogs back when I was in undergrad. I was very, very stressed out for the first three years I was at UBC. Yes, I also managed to have a bit of fun but I was extremely high strung back then. I was probably certifiably mentally unstable back then.

There’s also the question if I would even have time to write back then. When I was eighteen to twenty-one, I was more sleep-deprived than any other period of my life. I imagine I’d blog about naps a lot. Some of the most pleasurable things about undergrad were my naps, no joke here. I’d love coming back to my dorm room and letting the exhaustion take me over, if only for just half an hour before I had to go to another class.

One time in my first year, I had about two hours in between my classes. After I returned from the cafe for lunch, I was just exhausted, so I was looking forward to a nap. When I got back into my room, there was thunderous roar coming from outside my window. A mini-bulldozer was digging up the ground right at my ground-floor window. I shut my window but it was no good, it sounded like the machine was right next to my bed, which it actually was since it couldn’t have been more than five feet from the wall.

As noisy as it was, I decided to just lay down anyways, not convinced I was going to fall asleep. I was wrong. I was so tired I fell asleep in less than five minutes, as the bulldozer continued to dig up dirt at the base of my window. When I woke up later, it was the first time that I realized university was kicking my ass bad.

I’ll have more later.

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