Image courtesy of Crissy Pascual / San Diego Union-Tribune

I know there are a million new stories and blog posts about this already but I couldn’t resist. Two months ago, Kyla Ebbert, a twenty-three year old college student and Hooters waitress from San Diego was chastized for the “revealing” nature of her outfit while on a Southwest Airlines flight. The lecture was done by a Southwest employee in front of other passengers which apparently caused Ebbert to be embarassed and humiliated. She was about to be kicked off the flight but they allowed her to stay only after she was made to make her outfit less revealing.

You can read the whole story here. Even better, Ebbert appeared on The Today Show with her mother and her lawyer, where she was interviewed by Matt Lauer. In the interview, she wore the outfit that caused the whole ruckus. Now I’m just saying because it’s out there for everyone to see, at about 1:33 into the interview, it appears that Ebbert flashes her white panties at the camera. I’m just sayin’!!! You can view the interview here.

2 thoughts on “TOO SEXY FOR FLYING”

  1. Ha ha ha! Why yes, you can. Her skirt is way too short, but no shorter than any other girl about her age wears. The flight attendant could have handled it a lot better. But still. Yes. She’s flashing her jewels.

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