This will probably be one of my last skate. related posts for a while but it was an exciting day for the team as our own personal copies of the game arrived today. This also coincided with the full retail launch of the game in Canada for the Xbox 360.

The box is sitting here next to me on my desk. It’s quite odd seeing it. I almost can’t believe we managed to get that thing out the door. It’s also the first “real” game I’ve shipped now. I’ll be proud to put this on my resume.

The day, at least for me, was slightly dampened by the fact we got three somewhat lukewarm reviews today. GamePro and GameSpot both gave us 75s while The Onion gave us a C+ which Metacritic translated into a 58. Again, I might be biased but a 58? Come on. This drops our Metacritic rating down to an 84 which is quite respectable but I think the team as a whole thinks we’ve done better than that.

So why is the Metacritic rating so damn important? Well internally, EA takes that rating very seriously. It is something the company uses a metric to see how well a title has performed and
that score is used along with other data to make some pretty important decisions.

Anyways, let’s hope we get some better numbers in the days ahead.

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