Despite working roughly 12 hours a day for who knows how long it’s been, I do manage to sneak away for some social time once in a while. Today was such an occurrence when I went out to dinner with my friend Kate who has just returned from a whirlwind tour of the world. This was my first time seeing Kate since just before she left for Australia.

We chose to go to Steamworks for dinner since it was close by, even though I think Steamworks is completely overrated and is actually a pretty mediocre eatery. Anyways, we were able to find a table downstairs near the window that afforded us a view of water. Our waiter turned out to be a gentleman who I shall call “Tory” in this post.

Now I knew we were instantly in for a unique waitering experience as soon as I saw Tory. Tory sported a very well-groomed pornstache that would make most men in the 70s jealous. He had grown it to a perfect length, not too long to have it look like a handlebar but long enough to evoke that “bow-chicka-wow-wow” feeling.

Tory, while polite, also had a bit of cheekiness that I could not help but respect from a food service point of view. When Kate asked him if it was possible to get a whole wheat bun for her veggie burger, Tory instantly responded with:

“Not a chance.”

He smiled when he said it, so it kinda made it ok. Plus, I couldn’t help but stare at his pornstache.

Overall, Kate and I had a great time at dinner. In the end, we rated Tory’s service as overall good with a few points deducted for screwing up Kate’s order slightly. We did, however, add points for the pornstache.

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