Interestingly, I’ve never seen the movie referenced by the post title. Anyways, here’s a little piece of advice, never ever try to prepare to attend a weddng while finaling a game. In little pieces of half-hours at a time, I’ve managed to buy a suit, take it for alterations, and pick it up. In similar chunks of time, I’ve managed to buy shoelaces, a wedding card, and wedding gift. I even managed to speak to the groom on the phone while on break on the 19th floor patio.

So my suit hangs on a coat rack near the physics programmers area. My shoes, belt and dress shirt are coming with me from home when I go to work tomorrow morning (today if you’re reading this late). The card and gift are at my desk.

Sometime around 4pm tomorrow, I’m planning on putting all that together, then heading off to a friend’s place in Yaletown where we’ll make the 1.5 hr drive out to Chilliwack.

I know I’ll look haggard to everyone when I get to the wedding. Oh well.

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